Improvisation Workshop

At the improvisation workshop, yuo can learn how to improvise on stage and implement what you have learned in an ensemble. The course provides a supportive environment in which you can experience and unleash your creativity.

Popular pop and jazz classics will be played in the workshop. No matter what instrument you play or how old you are, everyone is welcome. You will learn the basics of improvisation including jazz phrasing, playing together and playing in an ensemble. The course offers the opportunity to practice together with others and to learn from each other.

Costs: The participation fee for the workshop is 100€. However, we want to make sure that the workshop is accessible to everyone. Therefore, similar to our regular music lessons, “you pay as much as you can”. If you can pay less than €100, that’s perfectly fine. And if you can pay more, we’re happy too, of course. The additional contributions are reinvested in our nonprofit organization.

The course is taught by the experienced jazz and popular music expert Dr. Kristina Nikolic.

Dates will follow shortly.